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RICHARD M. CARBONARA counsels Corporate and Commercial clients in a wide variety of discrete areas, including construction and real estate development, environmental law, product liability, internal corporate security and investigations, and governmental relations and representation, personally specializing in complex commercial litigation.

Rick began his professional career in government, where he gained invaluable insight into the practical aspects of doing business in Chicago, and then honed his legal skills with a number of prominent law firms of diverse expertise.

While in law school at Loyola University Chicago, Mr. Carbonara served the City of Chicago in the Real Estate Division of the City’s Finance Department. Later, Mr. Carbonara joined the State of Illinois as an Investigator for the Office of the Illinois Attorney General. Upon professional licensure, Mr. Carbonara engaged in public civil litigation, enjoying extensive jury and bench trial work as an Assistant Illinois Attorney General, practicing in every Federal District in Illinois and in various county courts and administrative law forums throughout the State.

Mr. Carbonara entered the private practice of law associated with one of our nation’s premier trial attorneys, Leonard M. Ring, in a plaintiff oriented practice. He went on to practice for a number of years at the international law firm of Altheimer & Gray, and was a Partner there until 2003. During those years, Mr. Carbonara joined the practice of world-renowned lawyer Don H. Reuben, and enjoyed Don’s mentorship, wisdom and friendship for decades thereafter. Mr. Carbonara was a Partner at several small commercial law firms in Chicago, prior to embarking upon the solo practice of law in 2010.

Photo of Rick Carbonara, standing in front of a federal building wearing a suit.
Richard M. Carbonara